Research should and does influence teaching (and vice versa), Teachers who use “research-based strategies” apply sensitivity to context, analytic rigor, and thoughtful skepticism that are the hallmarks of quality research. Teacher can provide extra insight that is current, into the subject. Excellence in teaching and research are NOT mutually exclusive, 

Our Research goals

Based on the very high quality of Research undertaken, our institution bagged the prestigious Seatrade Award 2014 at Dubai for Outstanding contribution to Maritime Education and Training in the region of India, Middle East and Africa.

October 2016 – Release of International Peer-Reviewed Journal edited by Dr S Bhardwaj at the hands of DG Shipping and hand-over of first copy to FOSMA, INSA , MASSA

The IIRE Journal of Maritime Research and Development is conceived to provide a means of publishing and disseminating the results of academic research and scholarship. In doing so it is aimed to serve the following purposes:

It is widely said that tomorrow’s world belongs to those who create, nurture and own intellectual property. Such an asset though intangible, forms a superior basis for sustaining growth over the long run. This journal aims to be such a repertoire for the international maritime industry.

Editorial Board


Dr (Capt) Suresh Bhardwaj


Dr. Rajoo Balaji

Prof Dr. Purnendu Das

Prof Dr. Bani Ghosh

Prof Dr. Margareta Lutzhoft

Dr. Patrick Routledge

Dr. Thomas Pawlik

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sinha

Dr. Poonam Kapoor